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This is your opportunity to help the coaches on your staff develop more effective and efficient teaching methods.  When the coaches on your staff get their own personalized Self-Scout Career Evaluation Report - they'll be able to review their own coaching methods and determine what changes they need to make to become better coaches.  In fact, many head coaches are inviting their entire coaching staff to get their evaluation reports and then discussing the results as a staff.

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One of our users, Coach {YOUR_NAME}, invites you to get your own FREE personalized Self-Scout Career Evaluation Report from X&O Labs'  He got his own customized report and recommends you get yours too!

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Here's how it works: is an on-going project managed by X&O Labs, a football research company for football coaches, that tracks the teaching methodology of each coaching position. Go to and answer a series of questions about your own coaching methodology.  X&O Labs will instantly compare your questionnaire answers with the responses from thousands of other coaches and give you a FREE personalized Self-Scout Career Evaluation Report.

This report is designed to do one thing – give you a personalized scouting report of the coaching methods you use.  And, X&O Labs will give you step-by-step instructions on how to maximize the results of your personalized Self-Scout Career Evaluation Report – and become a more effective and efficient coach.  

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As coaches, we're always self-scouting our programs, so why not self-scout our coaching methods?  Your personalized Self-Scout Career Evaluation Report will help you discover more about your own coaching methodology. 

Yours in Coaching,

X&O Labs

P.S. Thousands of coaches have already received their own FREE, personalized Self-Scout Career Evaluation Reports.  Click here to get started right now!


About X&O Labs:

X&O Labs is a private research company specializing in the research and study of established coaching concepts and new coaching trends. X&O Labs conducts more coaching research and surveys than any other firm in the history of football. Our survey topics are generated each week by our team of researchers, coaching analysts, and by you – the coaches. X&O Labs highly values its independence and credibility – ensuring that we are able to report unbiased, factually based coaching research. 

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