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About is an on-going project managed by X&O Labs, a football research company for football coaches, which tracks the teaching methodology of each coaching position.  This project allows coaches to answer a series of questions about their own coaching methodology.  X&O Labs will compare each coach's questionnaire with the responses from thousands of other coaches and give each coach a personalized Self-Scout Career Evaluation Report based on real-time results. This report is designed to do one thing - give coaches a personalized scouting report of the teaching methods they use.




About X&O Labs

About X&O Labs:

X&O Labs is a private research company specializing in the research and study of established coaching concepts and new coaching trends. X&O Labs conducts more coaching research and surveys than any other firm in the history of football. Our survey topics are generated each week by our team of researchers, coaching analysts, and by you - the coaches. X&O Labs highly values its independence and credibility - ensuring that we are able to report unbiased, factually based coaching research. For more information go to:

What Coaches Are Saying...

  • Chris Ash, Head Coach, Rutgers University

    "I love what you're doing at X&O Labs. I'm all for it. I love the research you're getting out, it's all very good stuff."
  • Dirk Koetter, Head Coach, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    "We're enjoying what you've [X&O Labs] been doing for the coaching community. Keep up the good work."
  • Herb Hand, Co-Offensive Coordinator/O-Line Coach, University of Texas

    "Your research is thorough. It focuses on development of both the technical and schematic side of the game. I've read every one of your research reports and enjoy them thoroughly."
  • Bruce Feldman, Fox Sports/FS1

    "One of the best resources for diehards looking to learn more about the details of certain schemes can be found via X&O Labs."
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X&O Labs: A Football Research Company for Coaches